Future-proof for MiFID II Compliance

Neorecording integrates the field-proven, technically-mature solution from the market leader, ASC Technologies, into the NFON Cloud Telephone System. Neorecording offers comprehensive functionality to support call recording and storage. Neorecording enables organisations of any size to comply with EU legislation, avoid sanctions, reduce costs and explore additional areas of business. With the NFON Cloud Telephone System and Neorecording, your organisation has peace-of-mind.

  • MiFID II-compliant recordings to meet reporting and execution directives
  • Encryptions that meet the highest data security levels
  • Storage of all ancillary information
  • Fully searchable recordings for fast retrieval and playback
  • Fault-tolerant cloud solution offers maximum scalability
  • Reliable, scalable and secure cloud technology made in Germany

Regulation Proof. Fail Proof. Future Proof.

Neorecording makes it easy to conform to the most demanding compliance regulations. The solution comprises all you need to safely record and store all calls and other customer interactions conducted over voice. Every call is captured as an audio recording, encrypted in a manipulation-proof manner, and stored in secure inland data centers.

Neorecording uses advanced speech analysis to automatically enhance voice recordings with ancillary data, making archives fully and quickly searchable. The high-performance, full-text search function of Neorecording retrieves recordings at any time and plays them back using the integrated player.

Solution Modules

Neorecording Basic
The basic solution to meet all MiFID II requirements

Neorecording Advanced
Full functionality and maximum performance with unrestricted use of Neorecording

Inspiration NEO
A high-performance quality-management tool providing analytics, evaluation and reporting

Experienced NFON specialists are able to customise Neorecording to meet specific requirements, reducing costs and helping organisations quickly embrace and comply with MiFID II legal regulations.

Further Information

Get the important details all laid out in our Neorecording flyer.

A concise analysis of the benefits and challenges pertaining to MiFID II-compliant documentation is provided in the Neorecording whitepaper.