Seamless IP Communication for Two-Wire Devices

Ndaks Eco 100 lets you connect legacy, two-wire devices to the NFON Cloud Telephone System, thus opening up new uses for switches, temperature sensors, door contacts, industrial control units and more. NFON brings digital versatility to analog technology.

  • Quick installation and easy configuration
  • Low integration and operation costs
  • Maximum reliability and fault tolerance
  • Pre-configured alarm scenarios
  • Extensions for ESPA 4.4.4 and ESPA-X available from NFON-certified partners

Additional Value for Legacy Two-Wire Devices

Ndaks Eco 100 provides an innovative and efficient solution for integrating analog sensors and devices into the communication workflow of the NFON Cloud Telephone System. Combining powerful, compact hardware from Ndaks Eco 100 and intelligent services from the NFON Cloud Telephone System, this solution enables you to add value to outdated legacy systems, opening up opportunities for automated, intelligent information distribution. Whilst two-wire sensors can only indicate the need to take action, Ndaks Eco 100 provides the rules and communication processes to make sure actions are taken the right ways, thus opening up a host of innovative digital application areas for analog technology.

Further Information

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