Nconnect Voice

Moving towards an All-IP future

Increase quality, decrease costs, and optimise existing infrastructure

Nconnect Voice enables you to make a seamless transition towards flexible, scalable, IP communications. Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), you can connect an existing legacy or IP PBX system with the NFON International Carrier Network to initiate, terminate, accept, reject, hold or redirect voice calls across all voice extensions. Rather than registering every dial-in number with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Nconnect Voiceregisters complete number blocks, including the required capacity of concurrent voice channels. Inbound and outbound calls are made as usual, and with greater flexibility and security at lower costs.

  • Easy integration of new services
  • No hardware procurement for airtime termination
  • Regulation-compliant, future-proof technology
  • The one-stop solution for all office locations

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, gain flexibility

A key technology in modern voice communications, SIP Trunking enables you to use your legacy on-premise PBX system for professional IP telephony, thereby instantly reducing complexity, costs and efforts. Across all your company locations, you only need one network, one provider and one telephony contract. Moreover, going with NFON provides you with the flexibility to upgrade your voice communications anytime to meet the demands posed by emerging technologies, thus securing your competitive edge for tomorrow. Profit from the benefits of IP-based telephony now, and keep your options open for the future.

Nconnect Voice is right for you when:

  • Migrating to the NFON Cloud Telephone System is not an option due to existing maintenance contracts for your on-premise PBX, urging you to look to an intermediary solution
  • Consolidating your voice and data networks into a converged IP infrastructure to decrease costs for maintenance, repairs and upgrades

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