The Net is not a one-way street.

Nconnect - Symmetric DSL.

Nconnect – the business internet and phone connection

Symmetric DSL (SDSL) has the advantage of using the same speed for both directions – download and upload. So it’s perfect as a powerful data connection and making many calls at once.

Nconnect by NFON:

  • Up to 22.8 Mbit/s speed
  • High-quality router included
  • Flat-rate without volume limit
  • TÜV certified voice quality and reliability
  • Prioritize voice traffic

No more phone connection when combined with the NFON Cloud Telephone System!

Nconnect 6000

symmetric bandwidth of up to 5.7 Mbit/s

for business with 30 to 60 employees.

Nconnect 10000

symmetric bandwidth of up to 11.4 Mbit/s

for business with 50 to 100 employees

Nconnect 20000

symmetric bandwidth of up to 22.8 Mbit/s

for business with over 100 employees


Description Nconnect 6000 Nconnect 10000 Nconnect 20000
Symmetric bandwidthup to zu 5.7 Mbit/sup to 11.4 Mbit/sup to 22.8 Mbit/s
Monthly base prices incl. data flat-rate99 €*199 €*399 €*
One-time setup (incl. high-quality Business router) with 12 months agreement99 €*199 €*299 €*


*All prices subject to statutory value-added tax (currently 19 %).