Make calls as usual. But with special features.

The system in the Cloud. The phone? Everywhere!

The NFON solution

No more in-house telephone system. No long-term maintenance contracts. Only pay for extensions that you actually use. This is the NFON Cloud Telephone System. And it's simple: All you need is a good Internet connection that meets certain basic conditions. Simply connect NFON approved devices and off you go. More than 150 features of a high-performance telephone system become instantly available.

Failure resistant server
TÜV certified voice quality
Tap-proof voice encryption
Over 150 High-End-Functions
Plug & Play
Easy to operate
Cheap calls worldwide

Outstanding quality

Through reliable service partners, the NFON data centre has several connections to the traditional telephone network. This mix of classic 'tried and tested' and modern operations provides first class voice quality that has been regularly certified by TÜV (Germany's official testing and certification organisation) for years. Security is as important to us as it is to you, so we offer an encryption option for telephony made from within the local system (if your user devices support encryption). This way, your calls over the public Internet are almost eavesdropping-proof.

Not only have we convinced the TÜV, but the media, too. In an extensive test of telephone systems the respected German magazine 'Connect' rated our speech quality as "excellent" (Connect 05/2014).

TÜV approved speech quality - NFON


The technology behind the NFON Cloud Telephone System is also called Hosted PBX or IP Centrex. The concept is simple: The NFON telephone system is not installed locally in your company, but operates in several highly secure external NFON data centres, which are reached by VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) via the Internet. This way, you are always reliably available for your customers and business partners. Relocations and expansions are very easy. In addition, you save the cost and space of an on-site telephone system. VoIP desk phones, DECT VoIP phones or VoIP softphones can be used. A key advantage is that hardware phones can also be used with other VoIP telephone systems, so the investment is not lost when switching providers.

So funktionieren Telefonanlagen Bild

How NFON works

Plug & Play

Use your cloud telephone system worldwide, regardless of location: Access is easy by phone or over the Internet by smartphone, laptop or computer. Everything is easy to set up and maintain, even on the PC. You no longer require the services of a technician and thanks to Plug & Play you can start calling instantly.

Updates free of charge

Save yourself the cost of hardware, which quickly becomes obsolete: With the NFON Cloud Telephone System you are always automatically up to date and the table-top phones can be used with many other VoIP telephone systems (Investment protection). Our lifetime updates are included free of charge. You pay only for what you use. With NFON you can save up to 50 percent of the cost of a traditional telephone system. In addition, you make internal calls for free – worldwide, between all locations.

Calls worldwide

With the cloud telephone system from NFON calls are cheap and reliable. All around the world. Instead of using conventional telephone lines, NFON calls are made via the Internet. For this, highly efficient and reliable hardware is required. However, with the NFON Cloud Telephone System, this equipment is not located in your company, but in several high-performance computing centres that are virtually fail-safe through fully redundant operation.

High-End features for small companies

Over 150 high-end features satisfy the most demanding telephony requirements – from mobile phone connectivity to conference calls. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or big: The capacity of the NFON Cloud Telephone System is almost limitless and extensions or home offices can be added or removed as required. You are guaranteed full flexibility - NFON simply adapts to your business.