Call forwarding

The NFON Cloud Telephone System allows you to determine who will be routed where and when. The Do-Not-Disturb function (DND) further allows you to focus only on your tasks.


Available functions:

  • Fixed call forwarding indicated on the device*
  • Show the phone number of the original caller, the party called, or the party forwarded from for forwarded external calls.
  • Fixed call forwarding for all incoming calls
  • Call forwarding if extension busy
  • Call forwarding after freely definable time interval (e.g. after timeout)
  • Specify any target after timeout (mobile phone, employee, etc.)
  • Availability management (call forwarding if not available): only picks up if the device is not registered to the telephone system, for example during an Internet service interruption, hardware defect, etc. Calls can then be forwarded to mobiles, other offices or other targets.
  • No restrictions in the target being forwarded to (internal and external targets, time controls, groups, queues, etc.)
  • DND / “Do Not Disturb” function
  • Memory function for call forwarding, voicemail calls are always routed to the voicemail of the party originally called
  • Freely definable parallel call to other internal extensions or external parties
  • Authorise call forwarding to external targets by extension

* Depending on device