1. Voicemail configuration on the administration portal

Please follow these instructions, to configure your voice mail via the administration portal:

1.To log onto the administration portal, open the website address portal.nfon.net in an Internet browser and enter

  • your customer number (e.g.: K1234).
  • the password for the customer number.

2.On the administration portal, please click on the menu item Targets, after selecting or setting up a new phone extension, please click on the Voicemail section.

3.You can now make changes as shown below.

1.Define „your“ password. You need it to access your voice mail box (external or from your desktop device). When you add a new phone extension, the voice mail password is automatically generated, of course you can enter your own password.

2.Enter the email address, where a copy of the voice mail should be send to.

3.CID means CallerID. When activated, the caller-id of the caller is announced, when you pick up the voice mail.

4.When activated, an email is send tot he email address defined in „2“.

5.When activated, the date and time of the message is announced, when you pick up the voicemail.

6.When activated, the voice mail message is deleted from the mail box after being sent to your email address.

7.You can upload the next announcements

  • Temporary announcements
  • Busy announcements
  • Unavailable announcements
  • Name announcements


Just click on  to upload your announcement. 

Now a Popup appears, and you can search for your announcement file on your device and define a name for this announcement.

If you already have some uploaded files you can play them by clicking the  .

If you want to delete an announcement then select the file and push  .

All other information concerning the administration portal can be found here.

All announcements can also be created by using the desktop device.


You can only upload files with the next format (max. filesize 7MB!) :