A. General

A. General

Import of data in the administration portal (e.g. extensions, telephone book entries or speed dial) can easily transferred via CSV file into your PBX avoiding manual data entry. 

The example in this leaflet concerns import of speed dial.

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Definition Speed Dial:

International numbers:

Definition Speed Dial:

A speed dial entry is an individually configured fixed key sequence of your phone. You define the number sequence used to call an external or internal number. This enables you to dial a number with a fixed key sequence in a very short time.


If you choose a speed dial length of 1, you can put 10 speed dial numbers (0-9) onto your PBX which are available when dialing *2 and the speed dial number.


Employee Doe has the extension -200: He wants to be available on the go using speed dial *2-200. 

-Log into the administration portal and select Administration / Profile.


Find further information about the administration portal in the manual.


-Set the speed dial length under Other configuration. A length between 0 to 4 digits is possible.

⇒In our example employee Doe has got the extension number 200. Therefore choose a speed dial length of 3.

-Click on Save to save your settings.

3 means that all speed dial numbers from 000 to 999 are available. If you would like to set the number 7 as speed dial, you need to type in 007 in your phone. To execute speed dial, press *2 and the speed dial number (e.g. *2007)


-Visit the download site.

⇒Under Templates for batch import, you will find the tile for CVS for speed dial import.

-Click on the download button to download a zip file enabling to correctly enter your data.

A description of the various parameters will be given in the section below:


code: Is the number of the speed dial. E.g. 200

name: Is a name freely available to choose. E.g. Doe mobile number

destination: Is the desired number including the access code. E.g. 9 89453001234

International numbers:

International destinations:

000+country code+prefix+number block+extension(z. B. 9 00+44+89+45300+1234)


National destinations:

00+prefix+number block+extension(z. B. 9 0+44+45300+1234)


outwardDialOverwrite: With outwardDialOverwrite you choose the access code of the speed dial.

1 = speed dial may be dialed anytime (even for extensions without an access code)

0 = Speed dial is dependant from the access code of the extension.

-Choose the type (in this case speed dial) you would like to import into the administration portal.


-Check the box for Replace all existing entries, if you would like to replace any speed dial entries you have already made.


-Click on the plus symbol and select your CSV file.

-Click on Save to save your settings and start the upload process.