B. Configuration

In order to use voice recording with Nrecording-basic, you need to perform following steps:


-First, upload your customized announcement, which informs about the recording of the call, in the administration portal (portal.nfon.com).

-Click on ELEMENTS / Announcements.


-Click on Add new announcement.


-Enter an explicit name and click on Save.


-Then click on the tab ADMINISTRATION / Profile.


-Scroll down to the tab Call Recording and mark Enable Call Recording as well as Use easy mode.


-Choose here the prior uploaded announcement or upload a new announcement via the green plus symbol.

-Choose the file format that will be used when sending the recording to your email address. By clicking on the drop down menu you can choose either WAV or MP3. We recommend to choose MP3, since the recordings that can be sent in this format are much longer. 

-Choose who should be informed in case of call recording.


-Click on Save on the button of the page.

-Now go to TARGETS.


-Look for the corresponding extension and double click to open its configuration menu.

-Scroll down to the tab Configuration.

-Choose under the point When recording when the call should be recorded – never or on demand.


-Click on Save in order to complete the configuration. 

In case you choose the recording option on demand, the call will be recorded only in case you press a certain *code during the call. You can start, interrupt or end the call recording by pressing *1. With the option on demand, the recording starts only after the agent presses *1. After the end of the call, the recording will be sent to the email address of the extension. This is the email address that is set in the VoiceMail dialogue.

In case you use a Mitel telephone, you can alternatively to pressing the *code program a function key of your telephone with the function code *1. In this case you would only need to press the function key of your telephone in order to star or interrupt the call recording.

snom telephone have a recording key. This key can also be used for call recording or interrupting the recording. Function key of snom telephones CANNOT be programmed with the function code *1.