NCTI clients for Mac

NCTI for Mac

Here you find a detailed overview of our NCTI products for Mac!

The overview only applies to certified end devices. 

  NCTI standard for Mac
Mac compatibility

macOS 10.5 (Leopard) – 

macOS 13 (Ventura)

Compatible with snom
Compatible with Yealink
Compatible with Panasonic -
Compatible with Softphone -
Chat function -
Presence management (with Bonjour) (✓)¹
Call lists (✓)²
Hotkey dialing
Involvement of the Mac OSx address book
Access to the local address book -
Outlook Plugin (✓)³
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Plugins (-)⁴
One-time charge No setup costs
Monthly charges Monthly usage costs per user
Subnetting support ‌-


See presence information for all users who installed the nCTI standard client and are located in the same network.

Call list just contains outgoing calls.

Preconfigured AppleScript available to initiate calls out of Outlook.

No preconfigured plugins available. If the CRM system has an AppleScript interface, it might be possible to integrate them using AppleScript. You can program these yourself using the AppleScript editor on your Mac. The FileMaker example in the NCTI Standard Extras can be used as a reference.

System requirements

NCTI Pro V7 NCTI premium CRMNCTI premiumNCTI standard CRMNCTI Standard
Standard Installations
macOS 10.15 „Catalina“
Processor: As advised by Apple for macOS

macOS 10.5 (Leopard) or higher (incl. Ventura)

Processor: As advised by Apple for macOS
XXL Installations
Mac Desktop
macOS 10.14 „Mojave “
macOS 10.15 „Catalina“
Processor: As advised by Apple for macOS