Functional overview - Nvoice Mobile (FMC)

Functional overview Nvoice Mobile (FMC)
Android iPhone
Voice over IP1
Reverse Call-Back 33
Handover to GSM
Seamless Handover -
Change SIM2
Unattended transfer4
Attended transfer4
Toggle calls4
Conference calls4

1) Requirements: The mobile telephone must support Wi-Fi and the access rights are not limited.
2) Requirements: The mobile telephone must be SIM lock & NET lock free.
3) Requirements: The mobile telephone has a data plan.
4) Requirements: An active Wi-Fi connection or a data connection for signaling within the GSM network.

Nvoice Mobile (FMC) calls via a data network (e.g. WLAN or LTE) are not encrypted. Calls via GSM cannot be encrypted.