2.1. Start a session

There are two possibilities to start a Nmeeting+ conference:

  • Ad-hoc conference
  • Conference started over a conference room

Ad-hoc conference

In order to start an ad-hoc conference, click on the ad-hoc conference button. An Nmeeting+ session will be started compeltely independetly from an active conference call.


Conference started over a conference room

Once you have successfully set a conference room in the administration portal and subscribed to the conference room in Ncontrol, you can log in as admin in the conference room.

-Log in to Ncontrol entering your customer number, your extension and your voicemail PIN.

-Click on the conference icon .

-Click on the arrow icon  on the right side in the corresponding conference. 

-Connect to the conference by phone.

-To connect to the conference, dial the telephone number, which is set for the conference room and enter your admin PIN.

⇒Now you are connected to the conference as an admin. 

Once you have successfully connected as an admin, you will see the Nmeeting+ icon activated in the right corner.

-Click on the Nmeeting+ icon in order to start a session. 


You will see a pop-up window that will inform you about arising cost according to the tariff chosen for your customer number.

-Click on the green button Start Nmeeting+ session.

⇒As soon as you click on the button, the session will be started and billed.

⇒From now on participants can log in.


You will then see a pop-up window that will show you the current session number and the corresponding password.

⇒ Now you can send invitations to participans by email.

In order to make a presentation, you need the corresponding client for your pc. 

-Click on the link Nmeeting+ Client to install the client. 

⇒The client will be started automatically after installation. .

-If you have already installed the client, click on Start client.


You can close the session by clicking on the red button. No further presenters can log in. After clicking on the button, the session can still be continued, yet not restarted.