3. Creating a conference room in the administration portal

Here you can read how to create a conference room in the service portal.

Activate Nmeeting+ in the administration portal

In order to be able to you Nmeeting+ on your extension the service has to be activated as a feature in the administration portal.

A tariff for all extensions of the customer number can be selected per customer number.

-Log in to theadministration portal in order to choose a tariff for your customer number.

-Click on Administration / Profile

-Choose Nmeeting+ in the dropdown menu under Other settings. Here you can choose to disactivate Nmeeting+ for all extensions as well as your billing type, either a billing per unit ot a flatrate.  

-Click on Save in order to enter the settings.

In case this setting will be changed, Nmeeting+ has to be activated again for all extensions.

The billing per unit is only available for existing customers.

Activate Nmeeting+ for one extension

-In order to activate Nmeeting+ for one extension, click on Targets.

-Look for the customer number, then for the extension and double click to get to the setting menu.

-Open the tab Configuration and hack Nmeeting+.