1.3.1. New registration (Check-in)

A new registration can be done from all the booking functions (OPEN, CLOSED, NON POSTED). Simply click on + NEW REGISTRATION.

The you will be directed to the registration area:

Field Description
Extension Select the extension (Room)
Tariff Select the tariff, either Per Minute, Flatrate or Per day and minute. This will calculate the choosen price (also with the extra charge rate!)
Daily price Daily rental costs
Flatrate Flatrate
Tax rate VAT in %
Extra charge Here you define the extra charges in %


Then you select an existing guest, or you create a new guest entry.

All fields marked with * are mandatory input fields!

Tariff- explanation:

Per minute                           Minute-based billing

Flatrate                                Flatrate, no further costs

Per day, per minute              Daily rental costs and minute-based billing