1.3. Bookings

Function overview booking window.


Function description:

All open bookings (Guests checked in) are shown, standard view.

This is the main area to start your booking activities.

Number FieldnameDescription
1. OPENOverview of all booked, checked-in guests
2. CLOSEDOverview of all  checked-out guests 
3. NON POSTEDOverview of all free telephones (rooms)
4. Question

Link to document area

5. + NEW REGISTRATIONActivate new booking (guest check-in)
6. SearchSearch specific entry (guest name, extension, ..)
7. Entries per pageNumber of shown entries per page (10,25,50 oder 100)
8. HeaderlineSee below
9. InfolineSee below
10. DetailsShow details for this extension
11. Book out

Book out, see below



1. Headerline

1. Ext., Extension number

2. Guest, Name of guest

3. Start, date and time of check-in

4. Tariff, which choosen tariff

2. Infoline

1. Extension number

2. Name of guest

3. Date and time of check-in

4. Next selection is shown: Per minute, Per day or Per day and minute

5. Details, show all details for this extension

6. Book out, transfer to check out this guest. A charges overview can be printed.