B. Installation and Use

All details on installation and operation can be found in the manufacturer's manual.

Please click directly on the manual title in the list below. This will take you to the manual.


The application Portal is the central interface of Neorecording. The portal allows opening the different applications, checking your personal notifications, and creating personal overview pages about different information.

The application POWERplay Web is a browser-based software for searching and replaying conversations which have been saved in the recording system.

CLIENTcommand  is an application which allows the agent to control and add further information to the recordings. This icon allows the user to call up a menu with different functions, options and information. Find here the installation manual for CLIENTcommand.

The application Conversation Download searches for and saves audio files including their additional data on the client computer. It can be configured according to the requirements of different users or to reflect specific search settings. The connection is established via the API server. Find here the installation manual for Conversation Download.


The application INSIGHTneo  is the central location for any type of reporting within the productline neo . It allows you to upload your own report templates into the system or to import system report templates provided directly in the system and use them to generate different reports which are eventually displayed in the Dashboards module or in the Reports module. As an alternative, some reports are displayed to users with the respective rights in the application Portal in the dashboard and in the recording widgets  or sent to them as an e-mail attachment.

In the Dashboards module, different information is displayed in widgets. A pool containing the available widgets  allows users to create their own overview page which may consist of several tabs.

In the Reports module, you can view the reports that have already been created on basis of the templates and the corresponding instances.

The report instances available in the system are displayed in the Report Instances module. A report instance is the detailed configuration of the report template which defines which data is considered. A report is created on basis of the report instance and the parameters at the defined execution date.

In the Report Templates module, you can upload report templates that you have created yourself by means of a specific design tool or import default templates provided directly in the system. Depending on the purpose of use, you can import/create report templates, dashboard templates or recording dashboard templates.


The reporting tool REPORTneo enables the user to compose his own individual dashboard with the most important KPIs. To gain deeper insights, the user can switch from widget to detailed report with all necessary information available. Currently, REPORTneo includes the Agent Recording Report which allows the user to create widgets and reports based on agent information such as total number of calls, outbound calls, unknown calls, internal calls, inbound calls or call duration.


The application INSPIRATIONneo is a solution which is installed on already existing voicerecording systems. INSPIRATIONneo is structured in modules and can be used in differentfields of workforce optimization (WFO). One of these fields is the quality management in callcenters. Recorded calls are used there to verify the agent communication and evaluate it. The recorded calls and optionally the screen content can be evaluated on the basis of individually created templates. These evaluations are the basis for informative result reports. The insightsand findings help revealing and tapping potential for improvement. Comprehensive e-learning functions allow creating and assigning relevant trainings to eliminate the identified deficits of therespective employee. INSPIRATIONneo offers flexible and individual possibilities of access control. This ensures thatthe trainers, the superiors (e. g. supervisors) as well as the agents themselves can analyze thecalls. This maximizes the learning effect.

The agents module offers an overview of the agents, their sessions, evaluations, and current conversations.

In the e-learning module, users can train their skills with provided learning contents. You can access provided trainings and quiz tests. In addition, agents with coaching advisor rights have the possibility to display and administrate coaching advisor sessions and training sessions.

The quality management module allows users to administrate evaluations, carry out calibrations,and define quality alarms.

The Sessions module offers users the possibility to search recorded sessions, filter them according to different criteria thus to reduce the total number to a manageable amount, and subsequently replay, analyze and evaluate them. Sessions are mere call recordings.

In the Templates module, you can create templates adjusted to your individual requirements to be used in different cases of application and administrate already existing templates.

The template generator allows you to create the following templates in different modules:

  • Evaluation Templates
  • Training Package Templates
  • Quiz Templates
  • Training packages for sessions

These templates enable you to evaluate sessions and agents for instance or to compile a trainingpackage or a quiz. Depending on the module you are currently using, the template generator offers different elements to design the layout of the template.

INSPIRATIONneo  supports a predefined user right scenario (default role Agent) which has been customized to the tasks of agents. After logging in to INSPIRATIONneo  agents have exactly those modules and functions at their disposal which they need for their job.

As an agent, you have access to the following modules:

  • Sessions module
  • Quality Management module
  • E-learning module

POWERplay Pro

With the client application POWERplay Pro recorded conversations can be searched for and replayed. Users can systematically search for conversations, listen in on current conversations (Monitoring), replay several conversations at the same time or listen to parts of a conversation in an endless loop. Furthermore, so-called conversation collection boxes can be created that can be used to categorise recorded conversations according to topics. Find here the installation manual for POWERplay Pro.