3. Important notes

Neorecording is the prerequisite for INSPIRATIONneo. This means that INSPIRATIONneo can only be ordered, if a Neorecording extension is already available.

The number of ordered Neorecording licenses does not have to correspond to the number of ordered INSPIRATIONneo licenses. This means that quality management (INSPIRATIONneo) can be ordered specifically for individual Neorecording extensions without the need to order it for the entire system.

Neorecording can be ordered without INSPIRATIONneo. In this case, calls are recorded and can only be replayed. INSPIRATIONneo is always required for evaluation or analysis of recordings.

Analyses or reports of the recordings can be made via the INSIGHTneo module. The INSIGHTneo module is part of the Neorecording Advanced tariff and does not create any additional costs. 

Internal calls are only displayed as such if both extensions are "Recording extensions". If only one of the two extensions is recording, the call is displayed as an outgoing or incoming call.