1. Introduction


Neorecording is a professional voice recording solution made in Germany for the NFON cloud telephone system. Neorecording integrates the unrivalled solution of the market leader ASC into the NFON cloud telephone system. As a MiFID II-compliant cloud-based system, it offers the customer comprehensive functionalities for legally compliant recording and documentation of consultations. Telephone calls are recorded as audio recordings, encrypted  and archived in fail-safe data centres in Germany.


INSPIRATIONneo is an extension of Neorecording focusing on Quality Management (QM). Recorded calls are used there to verify the agent communication and evaluate them. The recorded calls can be evaluated on the basis of individually created templates. These evaluations are the basis for informative result reports. The insights and findings help revealing and tapping potential for improvement. INSPIRATIONneo offers flexible and individual access control options. This ensures that trainers, superiors (e.g. supervisors) and the agents analyze their conversations themselves. This maximizes the learning effect.


Neorecording Basic Neorecording AdvancedINSPIRATIONneo
permanent call recording individual recording rulesQM tool
encryption encryptionuser friendly creation of individual evaluation templates
only allowed depending on regulatory conditions data compressionconvenient agent rating
  CLIENTcommand recording moduleinvolve agent in QM process
  100% MiFID II compliant (legal compliant documentation and archiving)creation and sending of company or customer specific reports


Enjoy using Neorecording!


Subject to changes

Version 2 / 08.2018 (en)