1.2. Recommendation

To use the Softphone we also recommend:

  • A USB headset with an integrated sound card, given that ordinary headsets or built-in speakers often do not provide a good quality of sound.
  • If possible a tethered, not wireless (WLAN) internet connection, as wireless transmission may compromise call quality.

To use the Softphone with all its call control functions (like accepting and ending calls, mute, volume control) with your headset, we highly recommend to use the NFON certified Sennheiser or Plantronics headsets. For using Plantronics headsets, please download and install the Plantronics Spokes™ software. For using Sennheiser headsets with Nsoftphone premium, the Nsoftphone premium client delivers an SDK kit during installation.

Please install the most recent version of the Plantronics Spokes™ software or activate the checkbox to check for updates automatically.

After successfully installing the Plantronics Spokes™ software please open the Plantronics Update Manager.


Please activate the checkbox "Check for Updates Automatically" or please click "Check for Updates Now" as you want to search for updates manually.


Please note however, the Plantronics Spokes™ software is a free, generally available software, which is not supported by the NFON AG. Furthermore, the NFON AG does not assume any liability for problems or damage resulting from installing the Plantronics Spokes™ software.

Please consider the following restrictions when using the Nsoftphone premium client with Sennheiser headsets:

  • You can only use one Sennheiser headset at the same time with the SDK Kit provided by the Nsoftphone premium client.
  • Usage of 3rd party applications (e.g. Skype) with Sennheiser headsets is not possible with the SDK Kit provided by the Nsoftphone premium client. So simultaneous usage of 3rd party applications (e.g. Skype) and Nsoftphone premium is not possible.
  • Supported headset features: accepting calls, hanging up calls, redial, volume control (pressing the dial button for 2-3 seconds).

Sennheiser products are currently available to customers in Germany only.