4. Call History

The call history shows your incoming and outgoing calls. It is an overview of all calls and people you have been in contact with lately.

To access your call history, right-click on the green icon  in the menu bar and click on Call History.


⇒ Your call history will be displayed.


Call activities are displayed by various arrow icons.

Icon Description
    taken incoming call
   missed incoming call
   outgoing call
   outgoing call not taken by the other party


You further have the possibilty to set various filters.

- Click on Filter in the Call History.

Filter name Description
Direction Choose between incoming and outgoing calls.
Answered Choose between taken and untaken calls.
Extern calls Choose between internal and external calls.
Time Show only calls of a certain time span.
Duration Show only calls of a certain duration.



Send call details via email


Follow these steps to transfer missed call details to another person via email:

-Mark the call in the call history.

-Press CTRL+C and open an email. 

-Press CTRL+V to add the call details to the email.