2. Presence Management

Presence Management enables the user to quickly overview the availability of all participants. Via different icons the presence information of all participants is clearly displayed.

You can access Presence Management by right-clicking on the green icon  in your menu bar and selecting the Presence Management menu item.



The Presence Management window pops up afterwards. The surface of the tool is seperated in various parts, containing different information.

Details of the Presence Management window


Sort or group your contacts by department, direction, status, user state, own availability, agent status, place or location. The NCTI Premium Client takes the entries from the server.

The status of a colleague is visualised by different symbols depending on his current call status. Here is an overview of the different call statuses/symbols:

DND is activated
Participant is performing an outgoing call
  Participant is in an incoming call


Manage your presence information

Here you have the possibility to manage the presence information that your colleagues will see. Use this when you are in a meeting and want to avoid unwanted internal calls.


Click on the green tick next to your name or extension number.

Under Availability you can choose whether you are Available, in a Meeting or Out of Office.

⇒Your colleagues are now informed about your presence information and will not call you unexpectedly.


You also have the option of managing your status by clicking on the briefcase under the menu item "Availability".