1.2. Comfort functions

During an active call, the telephone window shows various telephony options. The comfort options are described below.


Knocking and toggle

If during an active conversation a second call comes in, a pop-up on screen will show you the caller's information. On the right side of the telephone window action items and two blue arrows will be displayed. The arrows allow you to toggle between calls.

  • Hold a call by clicking on Hold. The call on hold is marked with a yellow telephone icon. The active call is marked with a green telephone icon.

  • Alternatively, take the second call by clicking on Take the call. The previous call is set on hold.

  • To end a call, press Hang up.


Unattended Transfer

After taking a call, you can transfer the call further.

-Click on Connect during an active conversation.

-Enter the telephonenumber you wish to connect to.

⇒The caller will be put on hold.

-Click on Connect to transfer the call. You can now hang up.

⇒The call is directly transferred and your phone is free for other calls.

Attended Transfer and Conference

You took a call. The call is supposed to be transferred and announced to the third party.

– Click on Announce during the active conversation.

– Enter the telephone number you wish to connect to. 

– After announcing the caller to the third party, click on Completed.

⇒ After hanging up, the caller will be transfered with an accoustic signal.

– Start a conference by clicking on Conference or activating a conference via the system telephone.