1.1. General functions

Starting the application and standby

– Ensure that network and Internet connection are stable. Start the application.

⇒ The application starts in minimized format in the menu bar.

⇒ After registration at the telephone system, the NCTI premium/CRM client will be signalized with a green icon  in the menu bar.


Outgoing call

– For internal calls, enter the extension and click Make call. 

– For external calls, enter the telephone number and click Make call

– To end the call, click on Deflect.



Incoming call

Incoming calls are signalized by a telephone window on the screen.

– To answer the call, pick up at the telephone directly or click on Answer.

– To end the call, click Deflect.


If you do not want to be disturbed, you can change your availability with the presence management.

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