3.5. Events

With the function Events, the call management can be designed more effectively.

Standard Events

Chose whether a pop-up should be shown in the event "on ringing", "on answer", and "on outbound".


The pop-up displays the number and contact dates of the caller during the incoming call.


Individual Events

If you would like to set an individual scenario, click on Add.

There is further the possibility to integrate a web-based CRM tool (e.g. Salesforce) into the CTI client. As soon as a call comes in, a browser window opens up.  If your CRM tool can deliver URLs with specific parameters, these can be translated into codes in order to transfer the number and name of the calling participant to the CRM application. Once configured, you can access the information anytime.

Example: Using Google as CRM tool

Select the browser in your application list.

To have the search key "word" displayed on Google, the URL has to be written like this:

In order to use Google as your CRM tool, enter the following URL:

"Word" was replaced by "%Call\CallerContact\Tel%". For future calls, „%Call\CallerContact\Tel%“ will be replaced by the contact's telephone number.