6. DID

What is a direct dial number?

The direct dial number corresponds to your external telephone number. That is, this is the number you can be reached at from outside. A direct dial number can refer to either an extension or a service (group, telephone conference, voice dialogue, etc.).

How to configure a direct dial number?


Firstly, define the direct dial number that is supposed to serve for external calls for a certain extension or service. Choose a respective trunk line and the corresponding direct dial number.

Secondly, choose the respective target for your direct dial number. This might be an extension or a service. In most cases, the direct dial number is your extension number. It is possible, however to have different numbers for external and internal calls. The latter case applies, for example, for group numbers or telephone conference numbers.

After you have signed in, the main navigation window appears.

After you have selected "DID" a new window appears.

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