5.4.1. Phone book entry

Configuration for phone book entry

Fieldname Description
Displayed name

Name for your phone book entry (For example: John Doe).

Displayed number

Enter the respective telephone number to your phone book entry.

Entry is visibe for (empty list gives visibility to everybody)

Specify whether the phone book entry should be visible to all or only specific extensions. To  make the entry only visible to a specific extensions, click on and select the respective extensions.

When leaving this list blank, the phone book entry is visible to all extensions.

Visible for List of phone book entry that see your telephone number.
Target VPN number

Enter here your O2 VPN number, e.g. 49800588769123*1.

VPN Typ Choose your O2 VPN*1

*1 for more information consult the O2-VPN leaflet

Icons Function
Add entry
Delete selected entry