5.1.2. Options for Profile

5.1.2. Options for Profile

Options for Profile

Fieldname Description
Count of trunks

Specify the number of outside lines. Specify whether you wish to use a single digit, double digit or three-digit number of outside lines. The number of outside lines is required e.g., to indicate a different telephone number when placing outside calls. (# + line number + telephone number).

Disable external numbers Disables all extensions from configuring call forwarding to an external telephone number. You can also allow or prohibit call forwarding to external telephone numbers per extension see 3.1.5. Call forward
Enable external numbers

Enables all extensions to configure call forwarding to an external telephone number (e.g. mobile phone number).

Speed dial length Specify the speed dial length. For example, by selecting a speed dial length of “2”, you can add 100 speed dials (00-99) to your telephone system, which can then be used by dialling *2+speed dial. Speed dial lists must be added to the phone system as a .csv file. nfon does not provide support for this.
Voice Traffic Encryption (SRTP) Activate or deactivate voice encryption (SRTP). Additional costs incur for the use of SRTP.
Call Center Monitoring Activate or deactivate call centre monitoring. The use of
QueueMetrics is subject to fees.
For more information on QueueMetrics, please refer to the   „QueueMetrics“ manual on the administration portal.
Device creation password This code is important when adding a softphone. An employee the logs in using the “device password” and not the account password. This ensures no changes are made to the telephone system settings.
Webinterface lock Specify whether the user name and password are required to access employee telephones (web interface). We recommend activating this option as it greatly improves security.
Provisioning VLAN

Specify custom VLAN settings for each location. Here you can specify for these VLAN settings to be provided.

Options for itemised bill

Specifies whether full or abbreviated telephone numbers will be displayed in your itemised bill.

Port lock Each desk telephone (snom) has a PC port, theoretically allowing you to connect a PC to the Internet using a LAN cable. Here, you can globally block or enable this PC port for the entire telephone system.
SIP via TCP  
Project number length For external connections, you can record and charge call expenses according to individuals, customers, projects and private expenses using project codes. The project code is entered before external calls are made. It is also recorded under call data.
Enter: *9 + project code + telephone number Therefore, please select the length of the project code here, so it is clearly distinguishable and and can be “separated” for outgoing calls.
Intercom enabled  
Offline Billing Calls to special services (e.g. televoting, etc.) are possible. The costs of these calls are billed directly between the external supplier and the customer. To disable the calls, the customer can ask to disable these phone numbers. Please ask your provider.
CTI mode  
CCBS/CCNR Activate the CCBS/CCNR function for your entire telephone system. For more information, click here.