4.2. Announcement

4.2. Announcement


On the administration portal, please click on the navigation item "ELEMENTS", then "Announcement".


Definition: Announcements are fundamental settings for:

  • Queues (“Welcome to Company XYZ…")
  • Voice dialogues (“For technical support, please press “1”…”).

The structure of the announcement menu is:


  • Hold music
  • Hold music (queue)

Announcements:• General announcements (for example for queue or voice dialogue)Callers always hear the hold music when the call is on hold.On the one hand, there is hold music, which applies to the entire telephone system. You can also assign different hold music to each queue. Personal voice mail announcements are not part of the general announcements. These are configured directly under the extension.

On the administration portal click on the navigation item "Elements/Announcement", in the main window (List) you can add a new announcement by clicking the Add-button, it is also possible to change an existing announcement (double click).


A new window with "New Announcement" with several sections is shown:

Sections Pictures
New Announcement