4.1. Devices


A device is usually a phone. However, there are different types of phones:

  • standard device (snom desk phone)
  • Conference phone (Polycom SoundStation)
  • nPhone (Softphone)
  • DECT base (Kirk)
  • DECT handset (Kirk)
  • FMC device
  • ATA (Linksys or Patton)

Select your device to suit your needs. If you need a phone for your office, you usually use a standard device. If you travel a lot, you can use your mobile phone as a FMC device. Or if you need a device for your warehouse, you get a DECT wireless handset, so you are always accessible.

First select in the serviceportal ELEMENTS, then select Devices.


In the "Select (List)"-area you see all configured devices. Here you can edit, delete and change an existing device by double-click.

A new device is realised by the Add-button. Here you can select the device and configure it in a new window (e.g. snom821).

If you have bought your device at your provider, then the device is already configured. If you uses own devices, then please follow the next steps.




Number Description
1. This section show all configured devices, first the icon then the devicename.
2. This section shows, e.g.Mac-Addresses, IPEI, etc.
3. This section shows if the device is already allocated to an extension.
4. When was the device configured.
5. When was the device deactivated.

Where is the device located, this is important for emergancy situations.


You can either add a new device or select an existing device. In the List-view you can activate, deactivate, edit or delete a device.

If you push the Add-button, then a new window appears.


Here you select your new device.

Icons Function
Add icon.
Delete icon.
Edit icon.
Aktivate icon, activate entry.
Deaktivate icon, deactivate entry.