3.5.3. Skill Optionen

Assignment of skill functions. Definition of activities inside and outside of the time zone.

Fieldname Description
Display name You have the option of assigning individual members to the skill.
Simply click on the ADD-button and select the respective extensions. You can also edit (Edit-button) or delete (Delete-button) an existing entry.
Skill Level The skill level defines the quality of service of this extension. The higher the skill level, the better the service, e.g. 10=Senior service, 3= Basic service.
Timeout delay (in seconds)

Enter a timeout for the group. I.e., after how many seconds should the caller be rerouted accordingly?

Destination on timeout

Define the destination on timeout.

Destination on rejection
Specify if the caller should be ignored if no member is logged into the queue. If this is activated, you then also need to specify a destination to route the call to.
Join queue without membership

If there are no members in the queue, you can decide if a caller can phone this queue. If not set and no agent is in the queue, all callers are redirected to the destination set in the "Destination on timeout".


Icons Function
Delete selected item
Save selection
Quit without save
Activate function