3.4.6. Member options

Member options:

Fieldname Description
Selection strategy

Select from the following options: All at once, Random, Longest pause first, “Round Robin” successively
(The order cannot be specified for Round Robin!), Lowest utilisation first.

Time to wait after timeout

Specify after how many seconds the system should attempt to reconnect the caller to the agent.

Report hold time

Select if the members of the queue should be informed about the customers waiting time.

Timeout per member

Enter a timeout for the member. I.e., after how many seconds should the call be returned to the queue?

Wrap up time per member

Specify how much time a member has to register a completed call before being offered the next call.

Member announcement

This allows you to play an announcement to the agent before accepting a call. For example, if a member works several queues, it may be useful to  indicate which queue the caller dialed. The queue name is also shown in the telephone display.The announcement can be uploaded by the Add-button. You can also play it by pushing the Play-button.


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