3.4. Queue service

Definition Queue

A queue is used for the "consolation" of the customer, for example, if there is not enough staff available to answer a call directly. This function is, among other things, used for hotlines.

How to edit a Queue?

You want to create a queue that is internally accessible at the extension 101. Furthermore 2 employees (Agent 1 and Agent 2) should be members of the same queue. If none of the two is available within 60 seconds, the caller will be forwarded to the voice mail of the team leader. Furthermore, the queue is the target for the time control 1 (main time).

1. Enter a short name to your queue and select whether it is an inbound or outbound queue.
2. Allocate the extension number 101 to your queue, so it is accessible internally. If you have only one trunk line, the direct dial (external number) is created automatically. If you have multiple trunks and the queue should be reachable externally, please submit the direct dial +49 123 456789- 101 via the dialog box "Inbound Numbers (external numbers)".
3. Now the queue is available for external calls.
4. Finally select the agents (members) of the queue. In this example these are the extensions "Agent 1" and "Agent 2".

You also define a timeout of 60 seconds and choose the voice mail of the team leader for the "Destination on rejection".


In the serviceportal under "Targets" you click on the ADD-button and select a new queue service. You can also edit an existing queue service by double-click.

A new window with "New group service" with several sections is shown:

Sections Pictures
Name and extension 
Inbound numbers
Direction options
Customer options
Member options