3. Short description

How does the telephone system work?

Our telephone system is a new, highly innovative type of telephone system connected to a conventional telephone network. What is new is that instead of an ISDN connection, you can now access the telephone system directly via the Internet. This eliminates the need to install a telephone system on site. Synonyms for this on the market are also virtual telephone system or hosted PBX – Private Branch Exchange or IP Centrex. With the help of this technology, even small companies have access to the functions of a sophisticated telephone system as can be typically found in large companies. The extensive scope of services of our system includes functions such as voicemail, queues, voice dialogues and telephone conferences. The system telephones communicate with the telephone system via the company’s local network and the broadband data circuit (ADSL or SHDSL).IP telephones digitise telephone calls to ISDN quality and transmit them to the data centre via the company network and broadband data circuit, where they are then transmitted to the public telephone network. Internal calls are of course transmitted to the respective end device directly within the company network. The system is configured via the service site, which can be easily accessed on the web. Furthermore, some functions (e.g. call forwarding and logging into queues) can also be set up using the telephones.