1. Home screen

1. Home screen

After starting up the application, the home screen appears. The top of the screen shows whether you are currently logged in. Elements in the bottom section are:

Since Version 4.3.9 the client is compatible to Android 6.0. Thus, the regstiration status icons had to be changed. They are now displayed in black and white. If you are using an older version, the registration status will be displayed in color.

When pulling down the screen, the registration status will still be displayed in color:


Registration status key:


Green / four white squaresVoIP registration successfully completed. Calls are routed via WIFI or 3G.
Blue / two white square“InfoMode” registration successfully completed. Calls are routed via GSM.
Yellow / one white squareConnecting to network. Registering...
Red / no white squareRegistration failed. Unable to connect...
Grey / no white squareOffline – no WIFI. Data connection active / available.