2. Brief instructions

Installing the nfon AG Nvoice Mobile client (sequence of steps):


-Please visit the official App Store  and download the “Nvoice Mobile” app.

-Open the app. “Favorites” / "Settings" allows you receive the AppID (Provisioning Key) via email. This is required, when adding the Nvoice Mobile end device on the service site.

-Log onto the service site and add an “Nvoice Mobile end device” under Elements / End devices

-Create an extension, where you select the respective iPhone as an end device (displays AppID/UDID).

-After installing the Nvoice Mobile app on your iPhone and adding the Nvoice Mobile end device and extension on the service site, the app should automatically download the configuration. (If not, please refer to B.6. Automatic Configuration).


The sending of the AppID requires the version iOS6.x. If you use an older iOS version please look up your UDID in your iTunes instead of the AppID. Here you can find out how it works.

When frequently changing SIM cards, the client may no longer be able to correctly assign the configuration.For instance, when using a T-Mobile and Vodafone SIM and switching frequently, the Vodafone configuration may still be active with the T-Mobile SIM inserted.This could possibly cause problems.Therefore, if your Nvoice Mobile client is not working, please check the configuration.


When using a mobile phone with a prepaid card, your Nvoice Mobile client may suddenly stop working.This could either be due to a lack of prepaid funds or activated web sessions.