3.1. Calls via WLAN

The Nvoice Mobile client provides a business instance, which makes you available on the go while protecting your privacy – with the Nvoice Mobile client you can also make calls under your business identity when you’re not in the office.Basically, the Nvoice Mobile client searches for the most cost-effective connection, thus optimising your costs.

If an existing WIFI connection is available for the mobile phone to connect to, every outgoing call is automatically connected via WIFI, establishing a VOIP connection to the telephone system.In the case of an internal call, no mobile network charges result at all. With an external telephone number, you are making calls at the favourable rates of the telephone system.


The Nvoice Mobile client is available via VOIP with a WiFi connection for incoming calls.

If your mobile phone has been in stand by mode for a long time, it may happen that the Nvoice Mobile client looses its registration. The call is not lost. The PBX routes the call automatically to the GSM number (mobile phone number). Additional surcharges of the telephone carrier may apply.