1.10 Callback

The Completion of Calls on No Reply (CCNR) creates a callback in case a person cannot be reached (e.g. the person is not on its desk or busy) at the moment.

To use this function, the CCNR function has to be enabled in the administration portal and in the phone extension. Click on the CCNR check box under Administration / Profile to activate the function.

Activate a callback

A caller generates automatic connection establishment within the private branch exchange (PBX) to a previously busy party (only internally). If the the other party cannot be reached, the caller can use the callback function.

  • In order to activate the function, insert *5 into your key pad. An acoustic confirmation will finalize the activation.
  • As soon as the other party is available again, your end device receives a callback generated by the PBX. As soon as you answer the callback, the PBX sends out a call to the number you tried to reach initially.

Erase Callbacks

  • If the callback is no longer needed, all call backs can be erased by entering the **5 code into the key pad. An acoustic confirmation finalises the erase.