1.2. Keys in detail

You can use the “toggle key” to scroll in the display. On the start screen:

Down: Settings

Up: Call lists

Cancels an action or entrMaintenance menu: The functions are visible but not activated*
Confirms an action, selection or entryAfter pressing this key you can enter a name to select a party. The phone book must first be set up on the administration portal – see administration portal manual
Adjusts the receiver or ringer volume.Shows device SIP, IP and MAC address*
Switches the microphone off during a callEnables queues to be enabled or disabled*
Hands-free mode (able to answer)Enables queues to be enabled or disabled*
Headset mode (able to answer)*starts a 3-way call*
Record call (inactive)*Transferring calls
Access voicemail*Hold call*
Voicemail message LEDDo Not Disturb mode on/off. The telephone won’t ring, same as for "call forwarding... delayed” to the caller
On the snom 300, please press the mute key to switch to DND
*) key available not on all snom D3x5 models