1.2. Keys in detail

Key DescriptionKeyDescription
Navigation Key‌Phone book
• Home screen: Help / Settings
• Lists / Key menus: up / down
• Home screen: List of incoming calls
• Text fields: Move cursor to the left
‌Call transfer
• Home screen: List of missed calls
• Text fields: Move cursor to the right
‌Place call on hold / return to call
• Accepting incoming calls
• Confirm action / settings
‌Volume control:
Press to the left or right to raise or lower the volume.
• Home screen: Switch to function keys
• Ending calls
• Cancel action / settings
• LED is lit:Microphone is muted
• LED is off: Microphone on
New message LED key
• Lights up to indicate new message
• Press key to retrieve
‌Hands-free mode:
• LED is lit: Hands-free mode on
• LED is off: Hands-free mode off
DnD key (do not disturb)
• "Do not disturb” mode on / off.The telephone does not ring, same as for "call forwarding... delayed” to the caller
• LED lit: Headset mode on
• LED is off: Headset mode off