1.2. Keys in detail

Use the toggle key to browse through the display
(on the home screen:
Down: Call lists;
Up: Settings)
Access voicemail
Confirms an action, selection or entryDo not Disturb mode on / off. Extension works as in “Delayed call forwarding”.
Cancels an action, selection or entryPhone book (Set up via the administration portal)
Mutes the microphone during a callMenu
Adjusts the receiver volume or the ring tone volumeTransfer call
Hands-free mode (answering possible)Hold call
Headset mode  


LED indicators

1. Call LED:

  • Rapidly flashes red with an incoming call.
  • Continuous, bright red while dialling, during a call and when a call is placed on hold.
  • Continuous somewhat less intensive red indicates a missed call.

2. Function key LEDs:

These keys are equal to the first four virtual function keys. The standard setting is “Line”. I.e., if the first four freely programmable function keys are not programmed, the function keys with LEDs can be used as line keys. To find out how these keys are programmed for your extension, refer to the configuration of the administration portal or of your telephone.

  • Rapidly flashing green when the respective line has an incoming call.
  • Continuous green when the line is in use.
  • Slowly flashing green when the line has a call on hold.

3. Voicemail LED:

A continuous red light indicates a new message has been saved in voicemail.