1.5. Call Waiting, Toggle & Hold a Call

Call Waiting

The display of the telephone sends out a double knocking sound as soon as a second call comes in during an active conversation.

You have the following options:

-You can take the incoming call by pressing the Answer soft key and set the active conversation on hold.

-You can reject the incoming call by pressing the soft key Reject.

-You can transfer the incoming call without taking it directly. Press the Transfer soft key or the transfer key  *.

Incoming calls can only knock, if the the Call waiting indication (CWI) for the extension is activated. To enable CWI for your phone, select Call Waiting Indication in the menu under Call Settings.

Hold a Call

-   In order to hold an active call, press the Hold key or push the Hold button  *.

-   To take an incoming call during an active conversation, press the Answer soft key. To reject an incoming call, press the Reject soft key. You can transfer incoming calls directly by pressing the transfer button * or the Transfer soft key.

⇒   The active conversation is now on hold.

Currently, it is not possible to access the central directory during a call on hold.


-   To toggle between two callers, press the soft key Swap. You can further toggle between the conversations using the navigation keys and confirm your choice by pressing the Resume soft key.

⇒   The active conversation is put on hold and the caller hears a waiting music.