1.2. Placing calls

There are various methods for placing a call:

With the receiver

  • Pick up the receiver, enter the number number and press [ENTER] to confirm the telephone number.
  • or enter the desired telephone number and pick up the receiver.

With the speaker / microphone

  • Enter the telephone number and press  .

Calling a number from the call list

  • Press the softkey   and select [Call list] and confirm with [ENTER].
  • This displays the telephone numbers for the last missed, incoming and outgoing telephone numbers. Select the respective telephone number using  .
  • Select the respective telephone number and press [ENTER] to place the call.
  • Press the softkey to access the phone book.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the respective name. Alternatively, you can also use the Search softkey to enter an initial (or additional letter) and confirm with the Enter softkey, which displays a list of search results.
  • Select the respective phone book entry and press [ENTER] to place the call.

Dialing the number via function keys

(KX-UT133 and KX-UT136 only)

  • Press the respective function keys on your telephone to place a call.
  • Refer to “2.2. Function keys” for options to program function keys.
  • Refer to the administration portal manual for instructions on configuring the function keys for your extension.