1.3. Outgoing call

1. For internal calls, only the extension needs to be entered.

2. When dialing external telephone numbers, you must first dial ‘0’, then enter the external number.

3. To complete dialling, in either case press the line/call key, pick up the receiver or select the programme key for ‘Dial’ in the display. If the receiver is not picked up, the call is placed in hands-free mode.

4. To end the call, return the receiver to the cradle (in hands-free mode simply press the cancel key ).

Calling from the phone book (except Mitel (Aastra) 6753i)

1. Press the Access phone book key.

2. Enter the initial (or additional letter if necessary) of the name using the telephone keypad and confirm with the Continue softkey (on Mitel (Aastra) 673xi the down navigation key). You can also use the navigation keys to select or browse the entries.

3. Pick up the receiver to dial the respective number.