1.2. Keys in detail

Picture Description
Ends an active call or cancels an action/entry.
Options menu: The functions are visible but mostly not active – telephone system functions can only be accessed via the “Menu” key.
Talk – to return to a call on hold, press the line key next to the flashing occupied/call light.
Redialing – allows the last 100 numbers to be redialled.

Adjusts the receiver volume or the ringer volume.

Line/call keys enable use of one of the open lines or to pick up a call.

Activates the hands-free function; when using the headset, it can be used to switch between the hands-free speaker and the headset. Models 6730i and 6731i do not feature a headset connection. Press the  key to activate the hands-free function.

Mutes the microphone during a call – the light flashes when muted.

Use the navigation keys to browse the display.