2. Speed dial

Preset speed dials

The preset speed dials are assigned to various handset keys. These cannot be changed.

Call forwarding

Press the Answer key, then R.

Call list

Press the left side of the navigation key, to access the call lists.

Missed call

Press the right side of the navigation key.

Find name

Press the top or bottom of the navigation key.

Exit menu

Press R.

Saving a telephone number

Dial the number and press Save.

Custom speed dials

You can add functions to a list with personal speed dials.Access this list using the right display key.

Adding a speed dial

- Press Shortcut.

- Scroll to Edit shortcut and press Select.

- Press Select, to add the function to the list of custom speed dials.


Using a speed dial

- Press Shortcut.

- Scroll to the respective shortcut, then press Select.