1. Basic functions

Inserting the battery

  • Press down on the battery cover on the back of the device and slide downward.
  • Unscrew the screw on the back of the handset.
  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Insert the rechargeable battery so that the markings on the battery are visible.
  • Slide the battery cover back into the locking position (until you hear it click).
  • Secure it with the screw.


The nameplate and CE logo for the end device are located inside the battery compartment.

Turning the handset on and off

• Press the left display key to turn the handset on.
• To turn the handset off, press and hold the left display key until the prompt Turn off? appears in the display. Confirm with Yes.

Volume control

To adjust the volume, press the key on the top right on the side of the handset.

Lock keypad

• To lock the keypad, press Menu, then.
• To unlock the keypad, press Unlock, then.