2.2.3. Installation DECT Base KX-UDS124 Slave

To install a Panasonic KX-UDS124 in slave mode, you do not have to change the settings in the administration portal. You need an access to the master KX-UDS124 over the web interface.

Follow these steps:

‌No. ‌Description‌Picture
1. One master KX-UDS124 must be already installed, as described in section 2.2.1. 

You need to know the IP address of the master, you can get it either:

with your connected handset, Menu>Setting Handset>Other Option>MasterCSAddress

or with an IP network scanner (e.g. netscan)

3. Open your web browser, e.g. Firefox, ... 
4. enter the IP address.
5. A new window appears, here you have to enter a userID and a password. This information is provided by your system partner. It is NOT the standard Panasonic userID and password.
6. Now you connect your slave UDS124 to your network. Please wait untill the LED is flashing RED. 
7. The web interface displays the version information.

Now you select:

(1.) System

(2.) CS Management, then the CS Management window appears

(3.) Select Start CS Registration


First of all, there appears a message, if you want to proceed, because if you continue ALL running connections wil be disconnected!

Push OK, to continue.


All search over all channels is done and all slaves found are displayed. (1.) you can see the MAC-address.

(2.) Trying continues to blink, it might be that you want to connect more than one slave. If you should see your slave and you want to stop the search, you stop the search by pushing (3.) Stop CS Registration.

11. Now you have installed a master/slave system and your slave LED ilights GREEN.