2.2.2. Installation DECT Base KX-UDS124 Master

Installation DECT Base KX-UDS124 Master

Installation of the KX-UDS124 DECT-Base with your telephone system:

‌No. ‌Description‌Picture
1. Please select Add new Device on the administration portal under Elements/Devices.
2. Please select the DECT KX-UDS124 under Panasonic.
3. A new window appears, here you can select your firmware version.

Enter the MAC address. You can find the MAC address either on the delivery box or on the back side of the device (see example).


Save your entries.


Connect the DECT base to your LAN network.

The base station will now be synchronised. This can take a while and depends of the firmware download time.



LED indications:

‌Status Description
OFF Off/SIP-CS Software downloading
Green ON Stand-by (no active calls)
Slow green flashing Talk (active calls) / S-PS data transfe
Moderate green flashing Busy, all voice channels are occupied
Red ON Fault
Slow red flshing

Out of Service/Starting up

Moderate red flashing Starting up
Amber ON

Stand-by, unsatble synchronisation

Slow amber flashing

Talk (unstable synchronisation)

Moderate amber flashing Busy (unstable synchronisation)

Slow flashing = 60 x per minute
Moderate flashing = 120 x per minute
You can connect up to 255 mobile devices (Panasonic KX-UDT1x1) to the base station KX-UDS124. The maximum number of parallel calls is 4 per base station.

Maintain the distances listed below between equipment in order to prevent noise, interference or thedisconnection of a conversation. (The distance may vary depending on the environment.)

More then 2 meter     SIP-CS and office equipment such as a computer, telex, fax machine, etc.
More then 5 meter     SIP-CS and other radio device