1.4. Conference calls

Three-party Conference

During a conversation, you can add an additional party to your call and establish a conference call.

Making a Conference Call

  1. Press , and then press 5 ("Conference").
  2. Dial the party you want to add to the conversation, and then press .
  3. After the called party answers, press , and then press 5 ("Conference").

Discharge a participant from a conference call

During a conference, you can discharge other participants from the conference call. You can use this feature only when have started the conference yourself.

  1. Press the key during the conference call.
  2. Press then the key .
  3. Press the dial key or the key or , and then press  to select the DN key (flexible key) that corresponds to the party you want to disconnect.
  4. Press .
  5. Press .
  6. Press the dial key, or press or , nd then press , to select the DN key (flexible key) that
  7. corresponds to the remaining party.

Ending a Conference Call

To go on-hook and end the conference call, press .