1.2. Placing calls

Placing calls

  1. Press .
  2. Dial the telephone number.
  3. Press .


Placing a call using the incoming call log

  1. Press  or .
  2. Select the desired telephone number  or , then press .

Usage of the phone book

  1. Press or press .
  2. Select the desired entry and press .

Placing a call using the outgoing call log

If a call is received from a phone number stored in the phonebook, the number and name of the caller will be displayed in the call log.

  1. While in standby mode, press or .
  2. Press or  to select an outgoing call record, and then press .

End a call

  1. To end a call press.

Usage of the speaker/phone key (handsfree)

  1. Toggle between Receiver mode and Hands-free mode during a conversation, press . During a conversation using a headset, Hands-free mode does not work.

Adjusting the Receiver/Speaker/Headset Volume

  1. During a conversation, press  or  to adjust the volume (Level 1).